Hi all,

I want to change home page url. For example my drupal running on www.example.com but i want to show home page url like www.example.com/myindex.htm. How to do?

Many thanks


Any comment?

You can use the path module (enable it on the modules page) and set up an alias to point www.example.com/myindex.htm to the home page. If you haven't changed what the home page is on a Drupal site, it's actually a page called node, e.g. www.example.com/node, so you'd set the alias myindex.htm to point to node.
Hope this helps.

Yes i found /node and i have added an alias for it. Now i have an alias /myindex.html for /node. Currently when i type www.example.com/node it still show www.example.com as url. And this is the same when i type www.example.com/myindex.html. It still show www.example.com as home page url.

OK, I thought this was what you meant to happen.
I can understand why you'd want to redirect an old .htm url to a new clean url, but I'm having trouble understanding why you'd want the homepage page url to be www.example.com/myindex.htm. The alias would catch the traffic. Can you explain?

Because of SEO. My old web site's home page has great pagerank. Additionally if you have a site about football it is better to show football word on urls.

In that case, just use http://drupal.org/project/path_redirect.
And there's nothing to stop you putting anything in URLs, so if you want a football page, set up www.example.com/football (easy to do, now you've got the path module enabled).