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All for women ages 18 - 35


Very cool, Brian. I didn't register (I do NOT fit the demo target) so can you explain how you implemented single signon? Is it the standard Drupal stuff?

We used the excellent singlesignon.module from CVS but needed to modify it to correct a few bugs. They revolve mainly around conditions where authentication on the master would not produce a signed on slave session as well as some issues around handling for cookieless users. I'm still in the process of cleaning up the code but should have usable patches shortly.

Our multi-site implementation generally differs from standard drupal practice as we use a single database schema for all sites- no separate prefixes per site or other data separation. As such I probably will look to move towards a single drupal session per user rather than a session per site in the future (and move to something external to cluster/load balance). I haven't thought deeply in that area yet though.

the best demonstration of Drupal to date. a social network elegantly designed and tailored for a clear market segment, and use of single sign-on to build a media network platform etc.


cheers, Neil.

Excellent site.

Really demonstrates the power (and scalability) of Drupal, as welll as its theming capabilities.

Really great profile pages: --- can you give some insight into how you did that? Looks like a collection of modules, themed to appear as one profile.

And what do you use to create thumbnails of the user images ( Any special image handling?

You might want to know about (and contribute to) the chatroom module which is in development ( Web-based chat for your TeamSugar audience.

Great stuff.



Just read about the investment from Sequoia Capital; congrats!

The network of sites is probably the biggest implementation of Drupal I've come across; I am very inspired, and hope to someday achieve similar success.

David N (coming soon)

Congradulations on getting funding

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Brian, was just wondering, which module you use for galleries.

And another question: why dont you use the pathauto module?!

Otherwise, nice work, Popsugar rox ;)