Hello, the module is working great form me except:

"Registered authors can get notifications about comments on their nodes" its not working.

Node author is not getting notificacion unless he has commente his own node.

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Same here.

+ same with dev version 1.x

i think it can be critical, cause it is default option for node author.


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I think it can be critical too.

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I think here (http://drupal.org/node/849780) is discussed same problem.

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Hi guys, here a solution of the problem!

Comment notify module sends email to the node's author after checking database table "comment_notify_user_settings". This table contains user ids and their settings for notifying. Module fills this table during "comment" and "user" hooks. And sometimes, especially new users, doesn't have their rows in the table and as a result module doesn't send mail.

My solution is very simple. It checks variable "node_notify_default_mailalert" if "comment_notify_user_settings" doesn't have the row with current user and depends on it's value sends or doesn't send mail.

Here my patch. Please, test it.
Sorry for my English.

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i will check it soon! spasibo

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Better status.

Title:Node authors not geting notificationNode authors not geting notification unless they save their account page
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I fixed this a slightly different way in #774826: node_notify_default_mailalert not respected.

I've marked that as a duplicate of this. Could you folks test out the attached patch?

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Hmm. This is a critical I think.

However, without actually reviewing the code it appears to me that it doesn't work.

I created a node as one user, commented on it as another user, had the appropriate checkbox set in admin/settings/comment_notify. No email notification was generated to the node author.

Thanks for the excellent work on this everybody.

it's really good.
a finely, delicate patch.

I question my report in #9, so if it's not the same as other people's experience should be disregarded.

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I've had this deployed on warmshowers.org for several months and it works as advertised. I have found nothing wrong with it.

Nice work, and thanks.

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