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Drupalcafe March 20th, 2014: Drupal Security

During Drupalcafé March we'll continue the topic which got everyone excited in January: Security. Except this time, instead of looking at the broader perspective and hacking, we'll dive into Drupal specific security.
When it comes to Drupal security, there are various angles and viewpoints. We have the code and configuration (rights etc) of course, but we can also distinguish between prevention (good coding, maintenance), and best practices for damage control in case something goes wrong in spite of our efforts.

Anyone gonna be at the Angular JS Conference this week? Let's meetup for beer!

The Angular JS conference is happening this week in Salt Lake City. Anyone gonna be there? Leave a note and let's see if we can figure out a happy hour.

Web Designers and Developers event program

Hi to all. We are a design company and we are organizing an event for the web designers and developers in Delhi.There will be nice games and tech competition for all. Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress or any other developer are heartly welcome.Suggest your ideas and view for this event. We will be glad to receive your views and suggestions here.

Drupalcafe - Webrichtlijnen

Op 28 november organiseert One Shoe wederom een Drupalcafé met ditmaal als onderwerp: Webrichtlijnen

Ditmaal behandelen een speciaal onderwerp; “de Webrichtlijnen”. De Webrichtlijnen zorgen voor een toegankelijke , kwalitatief hoogwaardige website, op basis van de internationale normen voor het ontwerpen van en het bouwen en beheren van websites.

DrupalCon Prague ticket


I have a DrupalCon Prague ticket for the early bird price.
Please send me through my contact form ASAP.



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