Drupal contributions

I've changed my username to NancyDru (was nancyw) because I feel like I'm married to Drupal. And like a husband, Drupal doesn't do much around the house and leaves a lot for me to do.

Drupal Cookbook (for New Drupallers) and many other handbook pages
Site Documentation module
Site Notes module
FAQ_Ask module
Taxonomy Image module
Taxonomy Delegate module
Register Country module
Get Content Type module
Node Type Filter module
Taxonomy Browser module
Taxonomy List module
Announcements module
IndexPage module
Quotes module
RealName module
Holy Grail theme
Weight module
Glossary module
Section Order module author
Taxonomy Link Mover module author
Cleaner module author
Submitted_by module co-maintainer
Web Links module co-maintainer
Revision Deletion co-maintainer
Workflow co-maintainer
MultiBlock co-maintainer
Content Management Filter co-maintainer
Utilities co-maintainer
Taxonomy Sifter module co-maintainer
Taxonomy Context module co-maintainer
Helpers module co-maintainer
List Nodes by Vocabulary co-maintainer
LinksDB module now sending users to Web Links
Longer Node Titles module co-maintainer
Gotcha - Contact Spam Catcher module original author and ex-maintainer
Spam Tokens module original author and ex-maintainer
Patches submitted to core, APIs, and many contributed modules.

My mentors
VM, Moshe
Roles in working with Drupal
Site builder, Developer, Themer
I contributed Drupal patches
I contributed Drupal modules
I contributed Drupal documentation
I help in the Drupal support forums
I provide Drupal-related services

Personal information

Full name
Nancy Wichmann
First or given name
Last name or surname
Languages spoken
My website
Sailing, photography, computers, my dog, aquarium, scuba diving, fashion, finding a husband
United States
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Empress of the Universe and Drupalette.


Job title
Web Developer
Current company or organization
MacCormick Software, Ltd.; EDC, Inc.
Industries worked in
retail, insurance, health care, information technology, utilities, government, web design, project management, IT project management
Companies worked for
IBM, VISA International, CITGO, Hilti, TM Floyd & Co., Univ. of South Carolina, SC Dept. of Mental Health


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7 years 3 months
Over 500 edits