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Jason Pamental
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design, typography, cycling, sailing, tinkering
United States
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I've been blending design & technology while crafting web sites since the early days of Mosaic and Netscape. As Creative Director and Web Services Director for Fortune 100 clients and well-renowned professional sporting sites (NFL, PGA and America's Cup), I bring in-depth experience in a broad range of disciplines; ranging from branding, print design, all aspects of web design & development and even data center infrastructure management. I really love challenges that draw upon all my diverse experiences to truly transform my clients' businesses. To that end, I left the agency world a year ago to work independently on those projects that really drive me. For the past few years, Drupal has been the glue and the platform that has let me do this on projects from local meetups on up to Fortune 25, and everything in between. When the pixels are put away I tends to be hanging out with family, walking the dog, riding my bike or working on a 40-yr-old car with no computers in it whatsoever.


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Web Strategist, Designer, Technologist
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h+w design
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Design, Interactive, Advertising/Marketing, Sports Marketing
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h+w design, thinkinginpencil.com, (add)ventures, North Sails, Bathysphere Digital Media Services, TWI Interactive, Temple Games


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6 years 8 months


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