This is a list of the phases / priorities that I'm using for the Drupal 7 port - encompassing all of the issues currently open and marked for 7.x. It might be useful for you if you're wanting to get involved.

I will periodically edit this issue summary to add new issues, rather than adding comments to the issue.

Issues may be completed ahead of time, if patches are submitted for those issues.

Phase 1: "Get all basics working"
Milestone: Alpha Release - Done!

Phase 2: "Write a migration path from Storm (6.x-2.x branch)"
Milestone: Migration Path - Done!

Phase 3: "Refactor and feature changes"
- Bug fixes / quick tasks
#1804270: MySQL datatype (FLOAT) for prices is not precise enough
#1987950: Consistency in "Access Project Management XYZ" permissions
#1996886: Error viewing Project
#1994568: Warning on saving ticket
#1988600: Warnings on node preview

- Fields API (Meta issue: #1915320: Move to a Field API based approach)
#1929158: Use date fields from the date module
#2102861: Implement billing status in Field API
#2041659: PMOrganization: Migrate to field_api based fields.
#2043997: PMProject: Migrate to field_api based fields.
#2044023: PMTask: Migrate to field_api based fields
#2124119: Can I hide Organization groups?
#1412134: Change from Project Management Persons to Drupal Users
#2115545: Recursive Field Formatter for PM

- Views followups
#1848938: View handlers missing
#2023059: Default views follow ups

- Other
#1991322: Convert Attributes to Views
#1975514: Time Tracking Tests

Milestone: Beta Release

Phase 4: "Code clean-up"
#1843040: Cleanup: Move hook_node_prepare() into hook_form()
#1984336: Cleanup: Resolve Coder Warnings
#1159022: Reimplement pdf invoices using Print module
#2026587: Remove invoice auto add functions and links

Milestone: RC / Stable Releases

Phase 5: "Back to normal improvements"
#1564634: Document optional dependencies
#713182: Burndown Chart
#1992264: add agile specific project templates

Meta issues
#510742: Port Storm to Drupal 7 (Now called Project Management)


Project:Storm Project Management» Drupal PM (Project Management)
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Reordered items.

Project:Drupal PM (Project Management)» Storm Project Management

Thanks juliangb :) Very useful summary. We will be happy to contribute patch testing and documentation.

Project:Storm Project Management» Drupal PM (Project Management)

Moving to pm project.

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Update phase numbering.

As things are being ported to Drupal 7, have you considered moving to a more field based approach. Using fields instead of custom tables to store information would allow us to take advantage of widgets from other modules and would give built in views support. I'm not sure about the database repercussions, using the Fields API tends to produce a lot of database tables. But in Drupal 7, I think it might allow the Project Management system to take advantage of more of the built in features of Drupal.

Yes, I'd love us to be moving to use fields. Could you provide a patch?

Sure. I'd love to put some work into it. I think it's going to result in some pretty huge code changes.

I've added two issues to the queue here for discusion:
#1915300: Refactor Code For PM Namespace
#1915320: Move to a Field API based approach

Do you think these would make sense to add to the roadmap?

Sure. I'd love to put some work into it.

Thx n8j1s :) I'll be happy to contribute patch testing

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Edit priorities

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updated roadmap.

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updated roadmap

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Updated roadmap.

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Move views handlers from alpha to beta.

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Move timetracking tests to phase 3.

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Add views follow ups

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Update roadmap.

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Added misc bugs to pre-alpha roadmap.

Note to all, I've just updated the roadmap based on current issues in the queue:
- Some issues have been postponed from Phase 1 to Phase 3, as they were not true "basic functionality"
- Some recently posted bugs have been added to Phase 1

We are actually still pretty close to an alpha release, as a lot of the bugs posted in Phase 1 are small follow ups, and I think there is some overlap between issues.

I am aiming personally to push a lot of these this week.

Also, I've started a discussion on Drupal Groups about how we promote the alpha when it comes out - please do review and see how you could help:

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Updated roadmap.

Given the proximity to an alpha release, I wanted to start a discussion on how we manage point releases going forward.

Please read and comment at

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Added issues to roadmap.

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Split beta from rc/stable phase.

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Refresh roadmap.

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Minor text change.

The alpha 1 release of Project Management will be created on 1st July 2013.

#2029129: Alpha 1 release.

Sounds good. Keep up the great work!

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Updated roadmap.

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Post alpha release roadmap update.

I've just updated the roadmap based on where we've got to at alpha 1.

My priority will be to go through the list in order (i.e. next looking at Storm migration, but I'll also try to keep on top of patches submitted to the queue).

I have tried to structure the list a little more to give priorities for pre-beta tasks. All assistance very welcome as usual. Please assign an issue to yourself so that noone duplicates (I must get better at doing this).

Thanks to all that made the alpha release possible.

Whoop whoop for alpha 1 :)

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Restructure pre-beta list of issues.

I updated the documentation at and its subpages. Still under development.

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Phase 2 done.

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I've updated the roadmap, to add some of the issues into the Field API section and to move some of the less major changes from alpha to beta.

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Further edits.

Title:Roadmap for D7 portMeta: Roadmap for D7 port

Title change.