Screenshot of the Project Management Dashboard

Drupal PM is a project management tool, allowing easy management of work across a team within an intranet or other Drupal website.

The tool is set up as a suite of modules, each providing a particular type of functionality:

  • Organizations, Teams, People,
  • Projects, Tasks, Tickets, Timetrackings,
  • Notes, Invoices, and Expenses.

Each module provides permissions to control the sharing of data with other Drupal users (check permissions carefully if using alongside other content access modules), and based on assignment of projects/tasks/tickets to particular users or teams.

All of the above includes support for views and token.

Try out the Project Management module


For more information on the Project Management module, or to get involved, please visit the Project Management homepage or one of the following links: Across the Internet


Modules Themes
  • Coming soon.

System Requirements

You will also need to install the following components in order to use PM:

The following components are not required, but will enhance the functionality of PM:

Project Information