can we have option to save lineage? i don't know if it saving and only displaying deepest term
if it is saving then a display lineage option would be great
if not then we need this feature
1A->b>c and option to show top to bottom or bottom to top
ex: if we use it for country>state/region>city
2.We should be able to display it in city>state/region>country order almost all the sites need this
3.lineage terms display option either inline or one below the other with these option this would be a complete module
currently it shows only deepest term after saving.


EDIT:the screen shot attached with my last post, , after saving the field, again when we edit we get the parent term None it means the lineage is not saved

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f it is saving then a display lineage option would be great

The selected term in the rightmost dropdown is saved. If you would like to display the hierarchy simply go to "Manage display" at your content type settings and select "Simple hierarchy" as format.
Other output formats are possible using Custom formatters or implementing hook_field_formatter_info() in a custom module.

after saving the field, again when we edit we get the parent term None it means the lineage is not saved

Please provide more details on how to reproduce this (for example which version, the structure of your taxonomy, ...).

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I will try with custom formatters
My Structure is three level
- SAP R/3
After selecting the display "Simple hierarchy" i got this result, it shows only the lat two levels.
and the same field when we want to edit you get field as shown in the shs_edit_page

Status:Postponed (maintainer needs more info)» Needs review

I've updated the code.
Please test with the latest development version ("7.x-1.2+1-dev" should be available soon).

(btw.: thanks for testing!)

Sorry for not mentioning the version in your last post. just overlooked.
i git clone or directly download snapshot from the git, So that I get the latest as you work on that and commit.
It is good now, Thanks for giving this module to the community,
As of now front end is working good
Needs to test the backend,, i.e how this works with views, rules, flag etc they are the modules currently i am using to put these terms in flow.
Thanks again for the great work

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Hi! i have tried both version ,latest dev from and latest dev from git clone..

but i still have the problem with the lineage...

look, i already have a lot of nodes created with the help of HS and save lineage option.

now, i want to use your module, but..

1. after simple change widget, the node edit form looks like
field cardinality is set to unlimited

2. after change cardinality to 1, only first term appears on node edit form.

any solution?

Version:7.x-1.x-dev» 7.x-1.3
Status:Needs review» Fixed

Display of hierarchy works not as it should so setting this to fixed.

@kervi: please don't hijack this issue.
I don't know exactly how Hierarchical Select stores its data but it seems not to be compatible with Simple hierarchical select. Simply changing the field or widget type does not migrate the data. You have to create a script that transforms the data from HS to the correct format.
By changing the cardinality to 1 you deleted all the data of the additional items so only the first item is left.

Simple hierarchical select will not provide an upgrade path or a migration from Hierarchical Select so this is no issue of this module.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Version:7.x-1.3» 7.x-1.x-dev
Assigned:Unassigned» Strycker
Status:Closed (fixed)» Active


Is it possible to implement saving lineage of chosen terms rather than saving deepest term, like now? It would be very usefull feature.

Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

No, Simple hierarchical select will not save the complete lineage. You can display the hierarchy using the provided formatter, but saving all items in the hierarchy is not (and will never be) the purpose of Simple hierarchical select.

Status:Closed (fixed)» Needs work
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Supplied is a patch, sorry to open this again, but I guess there is probably some confusion between using this as a formatter and using this a field widget? anyway, patch supplied to provide an extra widget setting to save lineage.

Status:Needs work» Closed (fixed)

I'm sory to say this again, but Simple hierarchical select will not save the complete term lineage. Even if it it possible somehow.

But there is "create new terms" and "node count" which are just extra features too, however I guess something like saving lineage might have a bunch of knock-on effects that cant be anticipated yet


i tested this patch ( and get errors in admin page :

Warning : Missing argument 5 for shs_field_attach_submit(), called in /srv/data/web/vhosts/ on line 898 and defined in shs_field_attach_submit() (line 969 dans /srv/data/web/vhosts/

Also, parent terms are not always register as term with the content.
How to fix this?
This option would be really interesting with this module.



Have you found a solution for this warning error?

I use php 5.4.


You are able to display the parent terms in your /taxonomy/term/% pages by ..

Select 'Advanced'
Select 'Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth)'
Set your 'Depth' higher than 1


i get this error in the node admin page not in a view.
I this node admin page a have a taxonomy field (with widget shs) included in a field collection.

PS. i have resolved this issue with the last dev version.


I would like to back up this feature.

The problem is that people are starting to dump the HS module, due to the fact that it's heavy, and extremely slow with large amounts of data.

I will sit and write this script now, as I need to migrate from HS to SHS.

Has anyone spotted a script for migration out there that does the job? If not, I'll provide one when done :)

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Seeing #14

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Closing this issue and repeating myself for the last time: SHS is not designed to and will never save the complete lineage.

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Just removed the 5th argument to fix #14. Its working for me.

@stBorchert its saving complete lineage in my case.

A bit more clarification how it is working for me.
Actually I am trying to use token to Auto Node title. Before that patch, it was not possible for me but now its working.
And yes, in node display field, its not working.

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If you are using EntityRef and want to save linage from Parent to Child, this is the one you are looking for.


save lineage is a great option for this module. It is interesting that people have the choice to use or not this option. In some cases it is necessary.
This feature will it be included in the next version of shs?


Patches do not work, 100%
parent is in the preview, but not on the page..?

i applied the patch and now i have an error :
"Notice: Undefined index: save_lineage in shs_field_attach_submit() ........"
did i do anything wrong? :/

Try another patch, the error will disappear, but the parent still will not be translated on the page!

all the patches do not work!

I applied patch#22, it worked but not works completely. I use multiple select of this field, it working only first field selection. the second field selecting only deepest term, parent term not selecting.

Status:Closed (fixed)» Needs work

does not work if multiselection enabled.

Status:Needs work» Closed (fixed)