I created a new article after fresh Installation.

I tried to edit this first article (click on tab Edit), but some parts of form in overlay are not working right
(screenshot attached).

Everything is right if I go to node edit form through CONTENT/OPERATION EDIT

I think it is a browser compability problem , because in Firefox 21 it works ok.

#24 core-js-domready-IE-2004098-24.patch1.69 KBnod_
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#16 drupal-2004098-16.patch1.64 KBelachlan
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#15 drupal-2004098-15.patch1.64 KBelachlan
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#3 core-js-domready-IE-2004098-2.patch1.6 KBnod_
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d8_overlay_node_form_ie10.JPG159.93 KBMicha1111


What is your javascript console saying?

Sorry , I don't know, how to do that.

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ok, it's because of domready. See #1974580-29: Introduce domReady to remove jQuery dependency from drupal.js and clean it up.

The patch updates domready with this pull request https://github.com/ded/domready/pull/17.

Issue tags:+JavaScript

Also it's a JS bug so tagging.

Working fine with the patch. I prefer the library to get updated first, but oh well...

Happy to see it :)

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let's update the lib first and turn that into an update library X issue.

Author said the same word a year ago [ https://github.com/ded/domready/issues/14 ]. Drupalers need to submit a new patch to GITHUB or patch it directly.

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Don't understand why this is postponed.

Patch from #3 does not fix the issue.

Furthermore, I had to manually navigate to "/#overlay=node/add/article".

The links without the overlay work. But only if you click the anchor tag, not if you click on the area around it.

Title:Node edit form not working in IE10 for Windows 7 (overlay)Overlay forms broken in IE10 for Windows 7

I tested a few other overlay forms. All the forms which use this functionality are broken. So you cannot close an overlay form.

So you cannot close an overlay form

@see: https://drupal.org/node/2003854#comment-7565911

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Console does not report that error.

I only get the follow error for the front page.

SEC7115: :visited and :link styles can only differ by color. Some styles were not applied to :visited.

The save and publish button also looks broken.

Also how is "ready.min.js" added the drupal? Shouldn't we add it to a library somewhere?

The above patch applies the js file to

If I look at the html is actually is pointing to

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Re-rolled the patch from #3 to the right folder. Looks like it works.

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Changed the actual source instead of using the code supplied by #3.

It looks like the maintainer isn't to active on https://github.com/ded/domready

Issue tags:+Needs manual testing

Adding Tag. Unit testing will not work with this change. Needs to be tested against multiple browsers.

Maintainer is active, the pull requests just don't merge properly.
For testing only IE is needed, it doesn't change anything for the other browsers.

I have created a pull request with the changes re-rolled. There are some subtle changes.


Information on readystate for further reading. It has being discontinued in IE 11 in favour of onload().


the page you linked to talks about the script element. not for a page. it does not impact this script functionality.

thanks for making the pull request elachlan :) now we just need to wait for the commit.

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Yep. Postponing on upstream.

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Looks good to me and the patch is green! Good work everyone! :)

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Committed/pushed to 8.x, thanks!

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.