Ajax Comments

The 6.x version also depends on Comment Bonus API.
The 7.x version does not.


Provides ajax comments to Drupal sites. Features:
- Makes AJAX submits
- Allows replies to comments on the actual thread page
- AJAX comments deleting
- Works with CAPTCHA
- Cool jQuery sliding
- views integration

Please review the README.TXT file before installation to avoid trouble.

If you're using FCKeditor, you should upgrade to 2.x, to be able to use ajax comments (FCKeditor<2 is like a bag of crabs for developers).

If you like this module very much, you can support the development by buying me some books.

7.x Full Release Blockers

These are being worked on:

#1511726: Multiple Panels comments append to top of page, not pane
#349130: Comment preview broken if JS disabled
#394668: Add support for Wysiwyg module depends on #356480: Lazy-load editors
#1348402: Notification for Comments that still require admin approval

Project Information