Alfresco module provides integration between Drupal and Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System. Alfresco is a Open Source content management platform for documents, web, records, images, and collaborative content development.

This module helps you build Drupal websites using the Alfresco's Document Management repository to store and share the documents.


This module manages Alfresco content items as Drupal nodes using a custom content type (Alfresco item). It also provides a CCK field type for Alfresco content items. It is bundled with an AJAX-based repository browser that allows you visualize, upload, search and retrieve nodes from the Alfresco repository.

Alfreco module is compatible with Community and Enterprise editions and uses Alfresco PHP library to remote access to Alfresco via Content Management Web Services (SOAP) and Repository RESTful API.

Version status

Alfresco 6.x-1.x
Alfresco module for Drupal 6 was released in early 2009, this version is stable and used in several production sites. This module is confirmed to work on Alfresco 2.x and 3.x. This branch is minimally maintained (only bug fixes and sponsored features).
Alfresco 7.x-1.x
This branch of Alfresco module for Drupal 7 is a direct port of the Drupal 6 version and so it still is based on the custom content type Alfresco item (i.e. Alfresco content items as Drupal nodes). This branch is under active development, but there are no plans to add new features. I'm focusing on porting only D6 features and ensure a clean upgrade path.
Alfresco 7.x-2.x
Complete rewrite of Alfresco module for Drupal 7, with new architecture and design to take advantage of the new features within Drupal 7 as fields, entities and stream wrappers. Focus on CMIS, better API and integration with third-party modules. This branch is not currently in development and has no start date.

Installation and requirements

  • Alfresco 3.x or 2.x (compatible with Alfresco Community Edition and Alfresco Enterprise)
  • PHP 5.2 or later, with SOAP extension enabled
  • Alfresco browser module requires the Ext JS Library. Please download the Ext JS 3 library, extract the archive and copy its contents to the following location: sites/all/libraries/ext. If you are using Libraries API module, you can place Ext JS in the Libraries module's search path.


The author can be contacted for paid customizations of this module, e.g. for implementing a specific feature.

Sponsors and thanks

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