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The Taxonomy Autotagger will automatically tag a node with terms from a vocabulary that the node's content type is associated with if the terms (or the terms' synonyms) are found in the content of the node itself.

Version two of the module is a complete rewrite, and is intended to improve its compatibility with other modules. Version one of the module will no longer be supported, once I'm happy that version two is working as expected and doesn't conflict with too many other modules.

Autotag now provides an "Autotag" button on the node edit page within the Taxonomy fieldset. Clicking this will submit the form via AHAH, and will return the form with the correct taxonomy terms selected.

The autotag module is dependent on:

Note, if trying the demo below, please login with the provided username/password, and then try to create a page.

Development of this module was carried out by Simon Rycroft and funded in part by the EDIT Scratchpads project

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