Boost Cache Cleaner

Boost cache cleaner flush (delete all the static boost cache pages) when any update occurs in drupal core. Example node update, insert or delete. No need to wait for expiration the cache or no need of run cron job.
There is no configuration required for this module only we need to enable this module and boost module should enable.
Boost Cache Cleaner does not work for anonymous user.

Dependencies - boost

Below are the core events when the boost cache cleaner flush (delete the static pages) the cache.

  • Node insert, update and delete.
  • Blocks list admin display form update.
  • Individual block configure form.
  • New menu insert, update and delete.
  • Menu link insert, update and delete.
  • Taxonomy term insert, update and delete.
  • Taxonomy vocabulary insert, update and delete.
  • System theme setting form update.

Module function is extendable in any custom module by calling boost_cache_cleaner_callback() function in your custom module.

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