Charts examples (Pie, Column, and Bar charts)

Transform Data into Information. Charts are a very good way to visualize a lot of data in a way that can be quickly digested.


  1. Built-in plugins: out of the box, you may use either Google Charts (the new ones) or Highcharts.
  2. Wide chart type support: Pie, Line, Bar, Column, and Area charts.
  3. API: A Drupal-friendly syntax for creating charts easily, regardless of the underlying library.
  4. Views integration: Display the Views results as charts.
  5. Examples: The module includes dozens of examples for you to reference when building your own charts or chart library integration.


Please refer to the README.txt file for installation instructions.

Recommended Modules

  • Views: Charts module provides an API that can be used as a stand-alone API, but the integration with Views module will allow you to build charts with no coding.
  • Views Date Format SQL: Charting data over a date range in Views? You probably need this module. Also see the charting dates over a continuous axis feature request.

Additional Implementations

These modules provide additional charting libraries that may be desirable based on your site's desired appearance, feature-set, and licensing needs.


Please post bug reports and feature requests to the Charts module issue queue.

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