The Clickbank IPN module handles payment notifications from the Clickbank service enabling vendors to automatically provide users with accounts and roles necessary for file downloads, site memberships etc. upon the completion of a sale or a subscription through Clickbank.
Even affiliates can provide instant bonuses (downloads, content access) for the customer upon a sale!
Clickbank is one of the best affiliate marketing networks for selling digital products online with a horde of affiliates (more than 100 000). Clickbank also manages payment processing for your customers and affiliates.

The Clickbank IPN module saves a Clickbank instant payment notification as a node, enabling you to use Drupal powerhouse modules like Rules to build your business logic around the notification such as:

  • Sell Roles (even authenticated user) through Clickbank (a role for example can download a pdf, a video etc)
  • Automatically create a user account for the buyer and email them their login information
  • Automatically remove the role if the subscription expires, or the user performs a refund, chargeback or subscription cancellation
  • You can completely customise actions taken on SALE, REFUND, CANCELLATION etc. events, so for example custom emails can be sent, user role revoked, user deleted, banned etc.
  • Since a Clickbank IPN is a node, you can build custom views, like Top Affiliates (ideal for running a monthly competition), Top Vendors, etc. Imagination is the limit. If you build any do share some cool views in the support queue so I may include it.

Thank Me :):
If you like this module sign up with my Clickbank vendor referral link here. I will get a small percentage from CB processing fees only for each sale you make, so it wont cost you anything.


  1. Install the Bundle Copy module, and import the clickbank ipn content type found inside the module. You will need to paste the entire text into the import field.
  2. I recommend you use the Rules
    module, so you can build your business logic once a clickbank notification reaches the site.
  3. Set up your products on Clickbank, such as file downloads, videos, subscriptions/memberships etc. For the API settings, set it to send the notification to
  4. Create roles in your Drupal site, configure permissions
  5. In you will need to set the Secret Key provided by Clickbank.
  6. Test your solution thoroughly with Clickbank IPN testing functionality.

Feature Requests:
When asking for a feature please provide a patch in the issue queue, get it approved and tested by the community and then it will be committed to this module. I only provide priority support to users who signed up to Clickbank with my cb referral id and contribute to my efforts.
If you have not signed up under me but want a feature super quick consider hiring a 3rd party who can write a patch for this module.

Please use the issue queue here for support requests.

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