• Designed for practicing: students can take as many attempts as they like.
  • Many feedback options, feedback can change with attempts.
  • Many question types.
  • Questions can be added anywhere in a site.
  • Only Questions. Ordering questions in a quiz or case is done by a separate module.

New in Version 2

A big addition to version 2 is a question editor, based on jsTree. It has some additional requirements, so make sure you read the README.txt before upgrading to version 2.

Comparison with Quiz

Quiz is made for quizzes. This makes Quiz mainly suitable for testing knowledge, less for learning. Quiz supplies both the questions and the quiz system in which those questions are used. Quiz has:

  • Very limited feedback.
  • Limited number of question types.
  • Questions do not work outside of a quiz.
  • Both a default set of question types and quiz functionality in one package.

Related Projects

  • Proteus is way of presenting questions to a student. Proteus uses a changing student model to determine what question to ask next.
  • Linear Case is way of presenting questions to a student. A Linear Case is a book where students can not navigate past the last question they have not answered correctly yet.
  • Closed Question Scoreboard is a way of presenting question results to students or teachers. It can also be used as a starting point in a kind of quiz.
  • Closed Question Essay provides a "long-form" writing question type, with separated paragraphs.


See the README.txt (6.x-2.x, 7.x-2.x) for detailed requirements.

If you get "Class... not found" errors, clear the drupal cache in /admin/settings/performance.


If you have the Advanced Help module installed, documentation can be found in your site at: /admin/advanced_help/closedquestion

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