COD is the Conference Organizing Distribution, used for building conference and event sites, including DrupalCon Chicago.

This COD Support suite of modules provide the core functionality for the COD distribution and are currently its main development focus area.


Much of the functionality in these modules is exported via Features:

  • Events
  • Sessions
  • Attendees and community features
  • Sponsors
  • Event news

Features are independent of each other so you only need to enable what you need. Read more about COD's benefits on

Download COD

For most people, we recommend downloading the entire packaged COD download from

Get the latest COD news and information from:

  • for news, roadmap, showcase sites using COD and more.
  • In IRC in #drupal-cod on Freenode.
  • Follow @UseCOD on Twitter!
  • In the COD Group on

We also attend many DrupalCamps and all the DrupalCons. We've presented on COD many times now. Feel free to say hi next time you bump into ezra-g, coltrane, lisarex or greggles!

You can read and update a wiki of issues and bugs in other modules that affect COD.

What's next for COD?

Check out the COD Roadmap on


COD is Drupal 6.x and has the usual technical requirements for D6 sites.

Note: Both COD and COD_Support are available from the Git repository as well as with each project's latest official release. It is advised that you get both projects from the same source. For example, get COD and COD_Support via Git clone, or the latest official releases of COD and COD_Support pages, but not COD from Git and cod_support's latest release.


COD development has been partially supported by:

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