Composer Manager provides a gateway to the larger PHP community by enabling Drupal modules to more easily use best-in-breed libraries that are managed by Composer.

There are many challenges when using Composer with Drupal, so the primary goal of this module is to work around them by wrapping Composer with common Drupal workflows so that so that module developers and site builders can use the thousands of standards-compliant, platform agnostic PHP libraries with as little friction as possible.

Refer to the Using Composer Manager to get off the Island Now blog post for an example use case with more details.

Installation and Usage For Site Builders

Refer to Composer Manager's documentation for detailed module installation and dependency management instructions.

Pay special attention to the Best Practices section as the default configuration options are suitable for testing purposes but are not sustainable for production installations.

Usage For Module Maintainers

Refer to the Usage For Module Maintainers in Composer Manager's documentation.



Composer Manager is maintained by Chris Pliakas, sponsored by Acquia, and developed by the community.

Project Information