This module is unsupported due to a security issue the maintainer didn’t fix. See SA-CONTRIB-2014-024 - Content Lock - CSRF for details.
If you want to use this module, your options are:


  • Concurrent editing:The user gets notified when he tries to edit a node, which is edited by someone else. He cant enter the edit mode.
  • By node type: Configure content_lock to lock only specific nodes.
  • By format: Configure content_lock to lock only specific input formats.
  • No losing content by accident: User gets notified, if he wants to leave a edit form by abnormal conditions (close browser/window/link click). If the user confirms to leave, the edit lock gets automatically removed by an ajax call. You can disable this behavior in the admin menu.
  • No forgotten locks: The user gets notified when he forgets to unlock a node. He/she will be
    asked to click on a link to unlock this node.
  • Views integration: Show all open locks using any filters, as you have a views integration.

Compatibility / Dependencies

Server Dependencies

- none

Client Browser Dependencies

- none


  1. Just download and activate the module
  2. Configure the user permissions
    1. check out documents - This enables content locking when a user starts
      editing it. Note that even without this permission, users are still
      able to edit contents, they're just not protected against concurrent
    2. administer checked out documents - View and release locked contents of all
      users. This enables the administrative tab on Content management >>
      Content. Note that even without this permission, users can manage their
      own content locks on their profile page.


Be safe

The main goal is to be 100% safe. That means that in no case a user should be able to edit a node, which is currently edited. Its rather chosen to be more user-unfriendly then removing the edit lock to early. In example the user can only remove that lock using save or the cancel button. Moving backwards in the browser or closing the browser does not yet unlock the node. Therefore the user will be notified and he can use a simple link to unlock the node (if he wishes too).


We have moved the API documentation to The hooks are currently documented in


This plugin was (once) sponsored by KontextWork GbR for Drupal Wiki.

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