There is a new maintaner and the project is active developed, but all new work go to Drupal 7 version, which i plan to be stable when drupal 7 is released.
This module allows you to create content filter using regular expressions. Instead of creating a new module for each filter you need, now you can easily create and organize your own filters. Your filter will appear in the input format configuration page.

For a description of the regular expression syntax, see PCRE regex syntax; for a description of the modifiers, see Possible modifiers in regex patterns. If you know the syntax used by Perl regular expressions, see Differences From Perl.


Instead of creating a new filter module for every filter you need, you can use this module for tasks like creating your own tags, replacing token values and all changes you need in the text.
You can use simple replacements or use php code to write more powerfull things(like use it to highligth code with geshi).

Supported versions

The Drupal 5 branch will have a limited support (which means I will eventually apply suggested patches).

If somebody is willing to become co-maintainer for the Drupal 5 version, I will be more than happy to accept the offer, and make him/her co-maintainer.

The version 6.1rc2 is current supported, but all new development is going to Drupal 7, unless someone send patch to 6.1.

Other notes

Because the strings used for the description and the help text of the custom filters are dynamic (i.e., taken from a database table), it is not possible to translate them through t().

Drupal 8

The version for Drupal 8 is current under development, and i hope to release a stable version with the stable release of Drupal.
There is a devel version for Drupal 8, you can use it for testing, and if you find something wrong please report it.
It has a migration path from Drupal 7, and i made a test for it, but please try to update your current sites and report anything.

Project Information