This is the canonical place for tracking community-reported Drupal.org bugs for the Drupal 7 upgrade. We're glad you're here to help! Please review the guidelines for submitting reports below to make the best use of everyone's time.

Check out https://drupal.org/faq before opening an issue, the change you see might have been intentional. If you have bandwidth to help out, please grab a dev environment and help us squash bugs!

Guidelines for submitting a new bug report

Step One: Look for existing issues

SEARCH this issue queue and the known issues. Your diligence in looking for an existing issue helps everything go faster! Please do not submit a new bug report until you're 99% sure there is not another issue in here that deals with the problem you've found.

Step Two: Submit a new report

Create a new bug report (A template is pre-filled). Please be sure to provide enough information that anyone could reproduce what you've seen.

Step Three: Verify other reports

You can also help by looking at an existing bug report in the "Active" state and following the "Steps to reproduce." Leave a comment mentioning if you are able to reproduce the problem or not.

Step Four

D7 upgrade team member will verify the issue and:

  • if this is a direct bug/regression caused by the D7 upgrade, tag it with 'Drupal.org 7.1'
  • if this is a direct usability regression, caused by the D7 upgrade, tag it with 'D.o UX'
  • if this is a random, not directly related to the D7 upgrade suggestion or feature request - move it to appropriate queue without tags
  • if this issue already has a duplicate in another queue, add it as related and change issue status to postponed, without any tags
  • if the issue has a duplicate in D7QA queue, close it

Please don't tag issues yourself, let D7 upgrade team members do it.

Step Five

Once the issue has an actual patch ready to be committed or once it was committed - the issue will be moved to appropriate module queue, to keep the history of the patches there.

If there is a need to open additional, smaller issues to fix the one from D7QA queue, they can be opened in the appropriate module queues.

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