Drupal dev-ops in a box.

Host all of your Drupal projects, with unlimited environments each, on one or many servers. Use the git host of your choice and follow your own branching strategy. Web UI for Pulling Code, Copying Data, Committing Features, Running Tests, and Forking Environments.

Built in Drupal & Drush.

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DevShop Hosting | DevShop Provision | Provision Git | DevShop Vagrant


The fastest way to install DevShop is with the new install.debian.sh script. This script works on debian servers, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS recommended.

To run this script you need:

  1. A server with a hostname that is also a fully-qualified-domain. (ie. devshop.myserver.com)
  2. A DNS record that points your domain name to your server's IP.

Once you have that, login as root, and run the following command:

wget http://getdevshop.com/install.debian
sudo sh install.debian

The only question you will have to answer is the Postfix configuration. The default options are fine: Internet Host for "General server purpose" and devshop.myserver.com for "System mail name", so just hit ENTER when asked.

NOTE: This script was meant to be run on a brand new Ubuntu server. Do not run it on an existing server unless you know what you are doing.


There is now a vagrantfile for DevShop that makes for an easy way to test it out and to contribute to the development of DevShop. See http://github.com/drupaldevshop/devshop_vagrant for more information.


DevShop consists of a number of other projects:

DevShop Core

  • DevShop - Debian install script, drush make file and installation profile for the front-end.
  • DevShop Provision - The backend (drush) tools powering DevShop
  • DevShop Hosting - The front-end interface for DevShop
  • Provision Git - Provides Drush-based git commands.

DevShop Contrib

  • Aegir Drush Aliases - Allows easy downloading of Drush Aliases for the Drupal sites hosted on a DevShop server.
  • Aegir File Manager - Provides a file browser for projects hosted on DevShop.
  • Aegir Logs - Organizes and exposes PHP error logs to developers.
  • Aegir Solr - Allows easy deployment of Solr cores for each site hosted on a DevShop server.
  • Aegir Tasks Extra - Provides common tasks like Cache Clear, Registry Rebuild, Run Updates and Run Cron.

State of Development

DevShop is in rapid development. We are working hard to reach a 1.0 release, however it is a stable system.

DevShop has been used by a large development team with many projects since early 2012. It is currently functional, relatively stable, and very useful.


The supported hostmaster and provision branch is 6.x-1.x.
The installation script inside this project will setup DevShop with the correct Aegir version.

DevShop & Aegir can currently host Drupal 5, 6, and 7 sites. Drupal 8 is coming soon with Aegir & DevShop 2.0.


ThinkDrop Consulting, the creators of DevShop, are available for paid support, installation, or simply questions. Feel free to contact any of the committers in IRC in the #aegir or #devshop chatrooms, or contact us at http://thinkdrop.net/contact.

Project Information