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This module is for system administrators. It's a tool to monitor and manage any number of Drupal installations at once and it's built to be extensible by other modules. Since version 2.X this module also comes with the highest level of security where as all communication between the dashboard and each of the cores is AES encrypted, hence the dependency (see below). Optionally the monitoring data will be made visible in nice graphs if the Google Chart API is available.


  • Dashboard: It consists of filterable lists of Cores or Domains including a lot of detailed information about each of them and also an extensible list of actions that can be performed on selected cores or domains. The dashboard is only available for Drupal 7.

  • Monitoring: With all these information coming on from the Cores and Domains, we can monitor our platforms and configure specific checks.

  • Remote actions: To update information or to do maintenance on our Cores and Domains we can execute remote actions. Clear cache or run cron on any specific number of Domains.

How it works

When installing DRD and adding a core to the dashboard by providing one of the domains of that core, the dashboard adds that core entity to the database and performs the following actions:

  • Run a script on the remote core to install the module drd_server for the given domain
  • Send the encryption settings from DRD to the remote core. To be able to do this, you have to insert the IP address of the DRD Server to the settings of “drd_server” module on your remote core. A link to get there directly is provided in DRD
  • After that, DRD is reading all available domains from the remote core and updates the encryption keys for each of the domains
  • Then, DRD is reading all available actions from the remote core and domain

This is repeated for each new Core you're adding to your dashboard. That provides you with a list of all Cores including a lot of additional information, i.e. the number of hosted domains on each Core. You can now always switch between the Cores overview and the domain list. In both of those lists you can always select one or more items and then select one of the available actions from the drop-down above the list to execute.


Here is what we're planning for the next few release:

  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Supporting logs on the remote cores and domains
  • Provide sample modules to demonstrate extensibility and the API
  • Start support for Drush, i.e. allow to update modules from within DRD by using Drush over ssh
  • Query remote databases

Documentation and README

For more information check out the documentation page and the README.txt


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