Drupal RETS Real Estate Framework (dRealty) is a Real Estate Module to import Listings into Drupal via the RETS protocol. It is a full fledged real estate solution for Drupal.

dReatly offers the following functionality:

  • Provides an interface to define multiple RETS service connections.
  • Provides an interface to Setup a MLS feed, allowing a user to import real estate listings into the Drupal system.
  • The module leverages the power of Entities, they are field-able!
  • Users have the ability to update and flush their MLS feeds on demand
  • Integration with CTools to provide Importing and Exporting of connections
  • Drush integration takes the load off of the old methods of using hook_cron.

Required Modules

To import data / manually flush data, you'll need to use drush.

To import use the drush command: rets-import (ie: drush -u admin -d rets-import)
To flush you use the drush command: rets-flush (ie: drush -u admin -d rets-flush)



Is dRealty in beta! Yes. Can it be used on production sites? Certainly! Check the list of sites below to see dRealty in action. These sites are getting thousands of hits per month and running without a problem. If you know a little bit about RETS, you know that the implementations are varied from vendor to vendor. Please help us out by posting issues you have with it if you are having trouble - we can't access every region and all input helps.

We are working on nailing down the last of the remaining initial bugs to move towards an RC-1 release. See this issue for more details: #1951580: Drealty RC 1 Release

dRealty Sites

Curious about seeing dRealty in action? Check out some of the beautiful sites below.

Development sponsored by Inclind, Inc.

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