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Droptor is an easy way to organize, monitor, secure and tune all of your Drupal sites in one place.

  • Get control Know instantly the state of every Drupal site in your entire collection, from patches to cron to Drupal 7 upgrade readiness
  • Get secure Droptor checks every site against dozens of checklists for security, performance tuning, SEO and best practices
  • Get patched Find the modules that need updates, without logging into individual sites
  • Get optimized Tune the slowest and least memory efficient pages

How it works

The Droptor module connects a Drupal site to the Droptor service. Every hour we poll each Drupal site in your Droptor account (via this module), importing a special set of data that this module provides.

Using this data we are able to run a series of checklists against the site's configuration. Each checklist item that doesn't pass includes instructions on how to immediately fix the issue. We also generate proactive email alerts based on past data collected and stored in Droptor to alert you to any unusual activity on the site (such as an unusually high number of failed logins).

More information is available on the home page, the screenshot tour and the FAQ page.

Why use Droptor?

Droptor will reduce the time it takes you to manage multiple Drupal sites by providing a central list of updated information on each site, like installed modules and site activity. You can go to one place to see if you have any site that is missing important core or module updates. Droptor will analyze each Drupal site you track and report back on changes you can make right away to improve site security, performance and stability.

Who should use Droptor?

Droptor is designed for any individual, team or organization that is responsible for one or more Drupal sites.


  • Organize all of your Drupal sites in one place
  • Find the inefficient pages in your site using the
    memory profiling report
  • Full summaries for each site, like last cron, installed modules and core updates
  • Beautiful charts detailing site activity
  • Automatic checklists for performance tuning, SEO and security
  • Know in moments how healthy all of your Drupal sites are
  • Automatic email alerts for sites that need core updates and suspicious behaviour
  • Proactive email alerts when unusual activity occurs on a site (like a high number of failed logins)

Is the module secure?

Yes! We take security very seriously. While the data feed that this module provides doesn't contain any authentication information, we do secure the feed in three important ways:

  1. A secret Droptor-generated hash unique to your Drupal site must be passed with each request (this is like a password);
  2. The feed is restricted by IP address; and,
  3. The feed is served only over SSL (if your Drupal site supports SSL).

Read more about our commitment to security.

Installation instructions

  • Sign up for an account on (your first site is free forever)
  • Install this module on each Drupal site you want to monitor
  • Add each site to and enter the hash into the module settings

Drush integration

The 4.x branch of the module integrates with drush. Run this command to immediately send data to Droptor (it will be sent during cron automatically):

drush dropsend

Custom checklists

Droptor supports sending custom checklists from any site that will appear in Check out droptor.api.php for instructions.

Droptor won't connect to my site. Help!

See this faq for some troubleshooting tips, or feel free to contact support.

Additional information

Module versions

The 4.x version of the module is the stable, recommended version suitable for production use. Only security fixes will be going into the 3.x version.

Questions, problems, suggestions, help

Kindly contact support.

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