"Drupal speak" is a spellcheck dictionary for Drupal-related terminology that commonly gets mistakenly flagged as misspelled—words like, you know, Drupal. :-) Download and installation instructions forthcoming. In the meantime, here are the important files for the intrepid users who know what to do with them:


Wanna help out? Fortunately, the barrier couldn't be lower—suggesting some Drupally vocabulary I haven't captured yet is a meaningful contribution. Just create a new issue with your suggestion. Here are the things the project needs right now:

  • Add more words to the dictionary! Just check wordlist.txt to see the words I already have. Specify all variations, such as plurals and other suffixes.
  • Write installation instructions for common use cases, including Chrome, Firefox, popular office suites, etc. (I would consider publishing Chrome extensions, Firefox add-ons, etc., if someone wants to help me tackle those challenges.)
  • Draft rules for what words get included (and what don't). Right now I'm thinking any Drupal module or theme name, any secondary technology (like jQuery or Git), Drupal companies, major contributor names and usernames, etc.

Project Information