The Field Permissions module allows site administrators to set field-level permissions to edit, view and create fields on any entity.


  • Enable field permissions on any entity, not just nodes.
  • Role-based field permissions allowing different viewing patterned based on what access the user has.
  • Author-level permissions allow viewing and editing of fields based on who the entity owner is.
  • Permissions for each field are not enabled by default. Instead, administrators can enable these permissions explicitly for the fields where this feature is needed.
  • Field permissions overview


  • CCK (Drupal 6 only)


Once Field Permissions module is installed, you need to edit the field settings form to enable permissions for each field where you need this feature. You can enable any of the following permission types:

  • Create own value for the field
  • Edit own value for the field
  • Edit anyone's value for the field
  • View own value for the field
  • View anyone's value for the field

Use these options to enable role based permissions for each field. When permissions are enabled for a particular field, access to this field is denied by default and explicit permissions should be granted to the proper user roles from the permissions administration page. On the other hand, when these options are disabled, field permissions are inherited from node view and/or edit permissions. In example, users allowed to view a particular node will also be able to view this field, and so on.

Upgrade path from Content Permissions (D6)

The Field Permissions module is fully compatible with the permissions already defined with Content Permissions module shipped with CCK.

  1. Make backups to ensure you can easily fallback in case of any trouble.
  2. Install Field Permissions module while Content Permissions module is still enabled.
  3. Disable and then Uninstall Content Permissions module.
  4. You can now check your existing permissions are still there, in the Permissions administration screen.
  5. Now, you may wish to disable permissions for fields where this feature is not really needed.

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