This module provides integration with the FlexNav jQuery plugin for a
responsive menu. A single responsive menu block is provided for the main menu.


  1. Download the FlexNav jQuery plugin from github:
  2. Unpack the FlexNav jQuery plugin, and place it in your sites/all/libraries directory (or sites/ directory for multi-site)
  3. Rename the 'flexnav-master' directory to simply 'flexnav'
  4. Download and install the jQuery Update module as usual
  5. Update your jQuery version to at least 1.7 via the jQuery Update module
    settings page located at admin/config/development/jquery_update.
  6. Install the FlexNav module as usual


  1. Navigate to the blocks administration at admin/structure/blocks
  2. Place the Responsive Main Menu (FlexNav) block into a region
  3. Profit.


Project Information