This module uses the Webfont Loader Library, developed by Google and Typekit, to:

  • Utilize fonts available in the Google Font Directory.
  • Utilize a preset created on typekit.
  • Utilize a preset created on fontdeck
  • Utilize preset font packages created on fontslive
  • Utilize a preset created on
  • Utilize your own custom fonts.
  • Allow for a consistent way to display your or other linked font(s) across the various browsers that support @font-face

And power your site with various fonts presets that a site administrator could choose from.

Similar Modules

Aside from the modules mentioned below, there is a font rendering comparison page up at (strongly recommended to help with choosing what may best work for you).

  • @font-your-face is allows web font usage from a variety of sources (and it also uses font-face for font definition). What differentiates font-your-face from google webfont loader is that font-your-face provides an interface to pick and choose fonts from many existing font sources right from your drupal installation (through a wonderful user interface) while webfont loader requires a bit more work on the end of the development team to provide font packages for the site editor to choose. font-your-face is not javascript state driven, which means that user experience on how the fonts load across the various browsers will not be the same. Very well written and supported. This module now integrates with @font-your-face for most font providers so you can have a look/feel that is consistent across browsers while still having the ease/use of font-your-face.
  • Dynamic Font Rendering applies uploaded fonts via an input filter.



#D7CX: Google Webfont Loader API was ported Drupal 7 within one week of Drupal 7.0!

Initial development of Drupal 6.x, 7.x versions sponsored by the California Institute of the Arts.

Current development of Drupal 6.x, 7.x, 8.x versions sponsored by the Cherry Hill Company.

Project Information