This is a Git port of cvs-release-notes.php, which lived in the tricks repo back in CVS land.


This script is a Drush extension that:

  • Generates release notes from commits between two git tags or commits
  • The end point can also be a branch, for example drush rn 6.x-1.0 6.x-1.x
  • The --commit-count parameter adds the number of commits to the header output
  • The command is release-notes, relnotes, or just rn
  • The --git option makes the command use the specified git binary
  • In the output, any commits that contain an issue number (#12345), it will be transformed into a link (<a href="/node/12345">#12345</a>)
  • If the commit message has any combination of leading 'Issue ', 'Patch ', or '- ', they will all be removed, for consistency.
  • The --baseurl option allows you to change the base of the issue links to a different site.
  • Support for --pipe
  • hook_release_notes_alter() is an alter hook for the output


  • Drush (Tested with 4.4)
  • Git (Tested with


The script was originally written for CVS by dww.
Josh The Geek ported it to use Git, for #1002410: Convert CVS changelog auto-generation script to Git.

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