Allows users to make bank transfers between Dutch bank accounts using the the iDEAL payment API.


To make real transfers, you will also need to subscribe to an iDEAL service that complies with Currence's iDEAL specifications, such as Rabo iDEAL professional, ING iDEAL Advanced, ABN Amro iDEAL Zelfbouw, or Mollie iDEAL Professional/Advanced. This is not required for testing the API with iDEAL Simulator.

Note that the module works according the iDEAL version 2.2 (interface version 1.1.0) specifications. A version that supports iDEAL 2.2 and 3.3 (the new version as of summer 2012) is available as a Payment plugin (more information).

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iDEAL for Drupal is developed by My name is Bart - web & events.

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