Image FUpload

Image FUpload (Multiupload) which is an addition to image and CCK's imagefield module, gives the ability to every user who is allowed to upload images by using image module or imagefield module, to upload multiple images with one simple click. All selected images are uploaded via a flash module (swfupload) and are automatically processed.
So, there’s no need any more to upload image by image.


  • Upload multiple images with one click
  • Fully integrates in image and imagefield module (thumbs creation [also using imagecache module] / file size limit) + using Drupals AJAX
  • Every user can upload images depending on permission (Not only restricted to administrator)
  • Preview list of all uploaded images in which title, body, taxonomy and imagefield specific fields can be edited all at once (customisable [decide which fields should be provided] / themeable / preview image handling customisable / additional permission restrictions)
  • Taxonomy and all other modules (for example CCK fields like node reference) are supported
  • Automatic node title creation and predefining of imagefield fields (customisable / themeable / editable by user / token support [imagefield])

Important sponsors: attiks (, fl3a (, rapsli (

Looking for a CO-maintainer due to a lot of buggy parts which want to be fixed.

Important notes

The release Image FUpload 3.0-rc2 corresponds with the RC1 release of FileField and ImageField. It won't work with an older version of ImageField or Filefield, so you have to upgrade these modules at the same time.

If you upgrade from Image FUpload 2.x --> 3.x, it is important to download again the new files of the project swfUpload (SWFUpload-Core If you don't know which files have to be downloaded and replaced, have a look at "Requirements" (below) or README.txt.
After having replaced the files, examine status report if something doesn't work as expected, for example, one file wasn't replaced correctly so a error message is shown there.

Don't forget to run UPDATE.PHP after having updated all files. Without, fupload won't work properly.

Compatibility notes

  • mod_security - if mod_security is enabled, you might have problems uploading images because an http error is returned immediately (error 503, 403 or something else). To solve this problem, disable this (apache) module for the urls "/fupload/flash" & "?q=fupload/flash"


  • "SWFUpload-Core v2.2.*" has to be downloaded separately and the following files have to be placed in the subdirectory "swfupload" of this module: swfupload.swf, swfupload.js, swfupload.queue.js
    For more information how to correctly install it, have a look at Documentation Page.
  • Flash 9.x or also Flash 10.x (Image FUpload 2.x and higher) has to be installed and work with the used browser
  • Drupal 6 or higher. I won't support D5, but you could have a look at Image Import Zip

How can I help making FUpload even better?

With FUpload becoming more and more popular, quite a lot bugs come up which want to be fixed. So we need your help to speed up things by: creating patches.
Also some CO-developer would be fine.


  • Better integration in CCK's Filefield, also a better GUI is needed.
  • Add possibility to use (old) original upload form provided by image module if the browser isn't allowed to use JavaScript / Flash + always showing a link to get to (old) original upload.
    By now, this feature is available but not visible: Type /node/add/image/noflash to show original upload form ;-)
  • Exif File integration for title and "age" of node (time of creation) if it is demanded by several people (using a contributed module)

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