JAIL (Javascript Asynchronous Image Loading) is a technique created by Sebastiano Armeli-Battana to replace jQuery Lazy Load. Lazy Load was a great script but was abandoned and Sebastiano created JAIL to fill the void. The technique stops the browser from loading images that are not in the view port and loads them as they come into view.

What this module does is add a formatter to the Image field type that allows you to specify it as a JAIL image. You are also able to choose the appear method (Show, Slide, or Fade). In the settings you can check the box for user images.

To manually add a JAIL image, use href-data instead of src, put a placeholder in the src, and add the lazy class like so: <img data-href="path/to/the/real/image.gif" src="path/to/placeholder.gif" class="lazy">

Please Note: The JS will need to be downloaded, renamed to jquery.jail.js and placed in a folder named 'jail' that resides in a library folder. Example:

Recent work by svajlenka has been sponsored by Metal Toad Media.
Recent work by catch on the JAIL module has been sponsored by ITV via Tag1 Consulting.

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