creating a wolf in a vocabulary freetagging field called "binomial nomenclature"

Taxonomy is one of the coolest features of Drupal, allowing the creation of information which is organized and structured. Taxonomy can be key for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

Creating a high-quality and complex taxonomy is a lot of work. Folksonomies and tagging makes for a more accessible implementation, but some of the value of having hierarchical, structured taxonomy for disambiguation is lost. The machine tags module is meant to fill a void between people-friendly tagging and machine-friendly hierarchy.

The release

The dev release for Drupal 5 is EXPERIMENTAL, although pretty safe.
To experiment simply enable "machine" tags in a vocabulary admin page.
There's nothing special to the install or uninstall.
I'd like to have some code review for SQL security, and other Drupalness.


There has been some interest in having machine tags for Drupal before. Flickr is arguably the best known implementor of machine tags, this article got me hooked. Here's some more background info.

The technical goal of the machine tags module was to be a simple free tagging mechanism that converts free tags like
"fruit:apples:jonathan" to a taxonomy term hierarchy fruit->apples->jonathan. (completed)

Long term goals

  • I18N
  • integrate with CCK so fields also can be disambiguated (fruit:apple=jonathan, computer:apple="macbook pro")
  • integrate with Semantic Search to export Drupal content to RDF
  • patches to core taxonomy


It is being developed for use in the upcoming release of Semantic Search module, to more rapidly develop complex taxonomies.

Comment, test, file feature requests and bugs please!

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