This is an enhancement module for the Media module. The focus is on UX improvements for Media that won't bloat the main module. Currently the additions are:

  • Adding tags to media when uploading
  • Pulling down title and description information from web based media sources

The module is still in development and more features should be coming soon. Based on the feature requests in the issue queue and my own thoughts I would organize the features for Media Browser Plus into two categories. Functional and organizational.


  • Click and drag to select multiple files
  • Selecting multiple files with shift or ctrl
  • Searching media
  • Contextual links and actions


  • Hierarchical taxonomy based organization e.g. “folders”
  • Uploading or importing a file structure into a taxonomy hierarchy e.g. the directory tree in a zipped upload gets converted into the “folders” taxonomy
  • Updating and applying taxonomies read from media files e.g. tags added to images
  • Personal and public “folders”
  • Shared “folders” either by user or role

If you have ideas or want to help out, please feel encouraged to join in the issue queue. Feedback, requests, testing, and patches are always appreciated.


  • MBP 7.x-1.x is for Media 7.x-1.x
  • MBP 7.x-3.x is for Media 7.x-2.x
  • Discontinued MBP 7.x-2.x was for Media 7.x-2.x

Branches 2.x and 3.x sponsored by Cando Image

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