This module allows you to set a "timer" into content nodes. When it reaches zero, you can perform any type of action with the node, such as unpublishing it or sending an email to the author.


  • Perform custom actions when the nodes expire
  • Granular permissions: let only some users to modify the node expiration date
  • Date field can use jQuery Date Popup widget, if Date module is installed with Date Popup enabled
  • All data exported to Views, if enabled
  • Drupal code compliance

This module requires Rules module.

2014-Apr-08 Release 7.x-1.2
The release contains the following fixes:
Issue #2234935: Node Clone & Replicate Incompatibility: Added compatibility with Node Clone and Replicate modules.
Issue #2228937: Expire Date Moving Backwards: Improved Node expire Rules actions. Entity matadata wrappers are used instead of direct database queries.

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