Obsolete project: Please note that this project is no longer maintained and you should instead use the maintained Password Policy module.

This module provides a backport of Drupal 6's jQuery password strength checking to Drupal 5. It also adds PHP-based password strength checking and validation routines that mirror the jQuery routines, so that administrators can restrict passwords to only be, for example, "high" strength. The module simply modifies existing password confirm fields (where two passwords are entered, like the user edit form), so no other setup is required beyond configuring the desired enforcement rules.

The first release (5.x-1.x) of the module features:

  • Client-side password strength checking using jQuery
  • Server-side password strength checking using PHP
  • Settings to control:
    • Toggle server-side enforcement of password on/off
    • Enforce low-, medium-, or high-strength passwords
  • Fully translatable

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