Provision CiviCRM is a Drush module to automatically setup Drupal instances with the CiviCRM constituent relationship management module. It is specifically aimed towards the Aegir project.

Main features

The CiviCRM database is configured inside the same database as the Drupal one. Sites can be installed, migrated and cloned. The CiviCRM site key is generated automatically. Crons can be automatically configured with the hosting_civicrm_cron module.


You must use CiviCRM >= 4.x; Provision >= 1.3, drush_make >= 2.3 and Drush 4.x is recommended.


  • Install a copy of the code of provision_civicrm in your /var/aegir/.drush/
  • Create a platform with CiviCRM in sites/all/modules/ (sample makefile)
  • Add the platform inside Aegir (Node -> add -> platform)

When new sites are created in the platform, provision_civicrm will detect that CiviCRM is available and will automatically install it.


For doing development with CiviCRM:

For more documentation, see:


Please use the issue queue and report with as much detail as possible, including the Drupal/CiviCRM/Aegir/drush version. If possible, include a full debug trace (drush @hostmaster hosting-task [nid] --debug).

Also try with the latest git version before reporting an issue. The latest git 6.x-2.x branch is usually stable.

Automatic functional testing is being worked on in the vagrant_scripts_aegir_civicrm project.

This project is sponsored in part by and JMA consulting.
For custom development and support, you can also contact the author via his website.

Project Information