Radix is a base theme for Panopoly. It has Sass and Compass support, and makes it easy to build responsive themes with Panels.

Radix is used in the Open Atrium, Open Academy and Restaurant distributions.


  1. Radix has been upgraded to Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome 4. Help us test it.
  2. New theme release: Radix Stanley


  • Built for Panels and Panopoly
  • Components and plugins from Bootstrap
  • Fixed, fluid and responsive grid system
  • Responsive Panels with Radix Layouts: Panels layouts from Radix Layouts work well with the Radix theme and are responsive out of the box.
  • Sass awesomeness
  • Drush intergration: drush radix "My Subtheme"
  • Icons with Font Awesome.
  • Works with Bootswatch themes: drush radix "My Subtheme" --bootswatch=cerulean"
  • Videos: Check out Radix in action with the Restaurant Distribution.


Radix requires jQuery 1.7. You can update jQuery using the jQuery Update module.

Using the latest version of Radix? Remember to update compass_radix: gem update compass_radix


Themes based on Radix

  • Sizzle: comes with responsive install screens
  • Chef: starter theme for the restaurant distribution. (Demo)
  • Plate: responsive theme for the restaurant distribution. (Demo)
  • Flat UI: A Drupal theme inspired by Designmodo's Flat UI.
  • CUESA theme by Elly: http://www.cuesa.org
  • Unary: a responsive admin theme.

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Contrib Modules

  • Radix Layouts: Provides responsive layouts for Panels.
  • Radix Admin: Provides administrative enhancements.
  • Radix Core: Brings all the Radix components (theme and modules) together. Great for your distribution make file.
  • Radix Colorizer: Make your theme colorizable. Easily. (demo).

Responsive Panels Layouts

Panels Layouts


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