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Drush Rebuild is a utility for rebuilding your local development environments, using your existing Drush aliases and an easy-to-read config file.

The primary goal of the project is to make refreshing your local development environment for a site an easy and repeatable task.

Drush Commands
rebuild Rebuild a local site environment.
rebuild-error-log View the error log from a failed rebuild.
rebuild-info View some statistics about the rebuild history for a site.
rebuild-init Create a rebuild config file in the current directory from a template.

Drush Rebuild Help

  • drush help rebuild
    Get an overview of available commands and options.
  • drush topic rebuild-readme
    Displays the README
  • drush topic rebuild-example
    Displays an example rebuild.info file.

Build status

See the current build status on travis-ci.org.

Development sponsored by DesignHammer

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