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Red is the color of blood, rose, strawberries and hot. Red is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, blood, anger, socialism and communism, and happiness.

Read Drupal theme is powerful, clean, table-less, responsive theme and dark theme develop by Shivcharan Patil (Shiv) from iTWeb.in.

Features of theme

  • Theme support for -
    • site Logo.
    • Site Name
    • Slogan, Tag line
    • Highlighted region.
    • Pages with 3 columns, two columns and single column.
  • Table-less design.
  • With advance bleeding edge technology of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Optimize images and minimum use of images in theme design. So it's become more light weight and execute faster.
  • Flexible. Extend at any direction.
  • Fifteen regions to put blocks, site's content.
  • Easy to change color flavor/tone.
  • With two designs/color tone.
    1. Red and White
    2. Red and Black

Drupal 7 theme

Drupal 7 branch of Red theme is actively being developed. We're always looking for new features so feel free to create an issue. Drupal 7 theme live demo is available at drupal7.itweb.in

Drupal 8 theme

Stable release of theme will be available at the date of Drupal 8 final (core) stable release. You will get Drupal 8 theme live demo at drupal8.itweb.in

I will appreciate your contribution to make red theme more elegant. Your ideas, suggestion, photos, images and videos are welcome for use of theme under GPL license.

Theme is actively developed and supported on developer's off time.
If you would like to say thanks, buy a drink for developer via Paypal.

Theme developer is also available at itApplication.net or email at shiv@itweb.in to customize Drupal theme or create/develop entirely new theme as per your requirements.
Drupal theme red

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