This module enables access control based on (and so requires) the Node Relativity module. It propagates the grants from a node to its descendants. You should use another module like content_access to provide the grant to the ancestors.

Just enable the module and select the content types that will inherit the grants at /admin/settings/relativity/access.

Specific to Drupal 5 version

Node Relativity "allows parent-child relationships between nodes to be established, managed and searched" and makes it very easy to create child nodes with a click. Node Relativity Access Control restricts access to nodes that are in relativity relationships.

Node Relativity Access Control is unique as a user access module in that it gives a user access to a node and all its progeny (child nodes and later descendants).

By default, each node's author is granted this access to children and grandchildren (and so on) nodes.

Optionally, CCK userreference fields associated with a content type can be given special access settings.

Users can also be added specifically to the node.*Sponsor: Mac Clemmens, Digital Deployment.

Special thanks to Karen Stevenson for explaining how to find the right table for a given field using Drupal's API.

Coded by Agaric Design Collective.

* Note: One caveat for adding people with access by the direct method is that you cannot do this from the node creation form. You have to save the node and then edit it for this form to appear. Authors of a node already have cascading access to children nodes, and if you have CCK userreference fields you can direct Relativity Access to give users connected via a given field the same cascading access to descendant content. These latter fields of course appear on the node creation form.

END OF Specific to Drupal 5 version Section

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