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reputation widget

Reputation module allows to capture, measure and display multiple types of user reputation.

Module adds voting widget on comments of chosen content types. Widget allows users to show support or recognize comment as useful by voting for it. While voting user has to choose specific type of reputation to associate with the vote.

This module is under development and not yet ready for production use.

Demo site is available.


  • allows to specify multiple reputation types
  • allows to choose content types, on comments to which voting widgets will be shown
  • only allows voting for registered users
  • allows users to undo their vote
  • displays who voted for comment on each comment
  • displays aggregated voting results by reputation types on user profile pages
  • provides a tab with voting statistics per node
  • provides a page with overall voting statistics per site


Voting API is required for this module. It is used for storing and retrieving votes.

This module is a sub-project of Prairie Initiative.

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