The Services Documentation module generates API documentation for your site’s Services resources. Most of the documentation is generated automatically, using the resource information contained provided by Services. However, this module provides you with the ability to easily extend that documentation.

We make the following assumptions about your usage of the Services module:

  • You are providing an API to a third party, which allows them to access your data via Services.
  • You would like to provide a page to API consumers that documents your API endpoints, resources, etc.
  • You have enough familiarity with Drupal to create a module and implement a hook.

Documentation will be made available on your Drupal site at /developers. It will be organized by API version (arbitrarily defined by you), and subsequently displayed hierarchically according to resource, method type, method name, arguments, etc.


A full example implementation can be found in services_documentation.api.php

  • Create a new, custom module. Let’s call it myapi.module.
  • Implement hook_services_resources_alter($resources);
  • For each resource method that you would like to document, add a new row to the $resource array: ‘documentation callback’.

['user']['index']['documentation callback'] = '_myapi_uses_index_doc';

Define the documentation callback, which should return an element in the follow format:

* Documentation callback for index operation of users resource.
function _myapi_uses_index_doc() {
$element = array(
'#name' => t('name'),
'#description' => t('desc'),
// Example request. E.g., a request URL, headers, and a JSON array.
'#request_url' => '/myapi/myresource?myvar=myvalue',
// Example response. E.g., a JSON array.
'#response' => '{}',

After enabling this module, a list of API version numbers will appear at
/developers. Clicking on the version number will display a list of resources,
their arguments, endpoints, etc.


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