This module will integrate bazaarvoice for rating and reviews. Primary level of focus would be to submit and fetch review for a particular node.


  • Reviews & Rating submission to Bazaarvoice
  • Offline rating for nodes listing page
  • Can be switched on/off for different node types.


To use this module you should have a Bazaarvoice account to get Bazaarvoice API key.
Visit the link https://developer.bazaarvoice.com/ to get API key and other required information.


  • Extract the module files and put into sites/all/modules or your projects contributed modules directory.
  • Enable this module.
  • Go to module configuration and provide Bazaarvoice Related inputs.
  • Select the content types from module configutation page to active Rating & Reviews.
  • Once activated you will see the offline rating widget below the node snippets on activated node types.
  • On Node detail page you would see a Bazaarvoice Rating & Review Submission Form

Known Issues

Bazaarvoice reviews list on node details page may take a while to appear after submission which is a kind of propagation delay from Bazaarvoice end.

Pledge#: I would be updating this module for Drupal#8 also.


Divesh Kumar
SN Idea Engineers

Project Information