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This module is to build menus based on connections between terms and nodes.

The idea comes from the common request of terms -- nodes menus in Drupal community, like menu:

-- term1
   -- node/1
   -- node/23
-- term2
  -- node/5
  -- term3
     -- node/15
     -- node/20
-- term8

In simple words, it builds taxonomy field menus, i.e., menus based on connection between terms and nodes. After installation, admin goes to taxonomy field's editing page, like "admin/structure/types/manage/article/fields/field_test_term", there will be "TAXONOMY FIELD MENU SETTING", enable it and you will get a menu based on this taxonomy field. There're options that you can synchronize nodes and terms to this field's menu.


  • Menus based on taxonomy field, automatically connecting term hierarchy and nodes when terms and nodes are created/updated/deleted.
  • Menu trails, INCLUDING nested terms available at node pages' breadcrumb, as long as this node has enabled with taxonomy field menu.
  • Custom term pages for taxonomy field menu to only include nodes associated with this term via this menu's' taxonomy field.
  • Custom page could include child terms' nodes. As opposed to default term page, it doesn't.
  • Token and pathauto/url_alias support for custom term page.
  • One button to disable/hide term links which don't have child nodes. One button to enable all term links.


See online documentation and README.txt Any other tutorials are welcome!

Similar module

Taxonomy menu
Taxonomy_field_menu works differently from taxonomy_menu in following ways:

  1. Taxonomy_field_menu builds menus based on taxonomy field, which connects terms and nodes. So you can get term + node hierarchy in this menu. Taxonomy_menu builds menus based on vocabulary - terms. No nodes supported.
  2. Taxonomy_field_menu could build many menus based on a same vocabulary, while taxonomy_menu only builds one menu for a vocabulary.
  3. Taxonomy_field_menu provides its own custom term page, and this page could include child term's associated nodes.
  4. Taxonomy_field_menu supports its own pathauto integration for term page.
  5. Taxonomy_field_menu could be used to create menus ONLY based on vocabulary too, like what taxonomy_menu does. Config to not enable sync nodes for taxonomy field menu. You may get multiple menus for one vocabulary, as long as you have used this vocabulary for multiple taxonomy fields, and these fields are enabled with taxonomy field menus.

Taxonomy Menu Trails

  1. This module taxonomy field menu inserts node into menus, nodes will automatically have terms trails, including nested terms, available at nodes breadcrumb, as long as this node has taxonomy field menu enabled.
  2. Taxonomy Menu Trails is not necessary for this module.


  • Taxonomy_field_menu only supports one parent term for terms now. So if one term has many parent terms inside vocabulary, it will only count the first parent term.
    It's highly recommended to not use multiple term parents with taxonomy_field_menu, which could lead to unexpected results.
  • Currently, this module only supports default settings of taxonomy fields from UI. If your contrib code uses more features, other than the default settings of taxonomy field from UI, e.g., your taxonomy field uses sub-trees of a vocabulary, or multiple vocabulary IDs as allowed values, then this module is not suitable.
    Anyway, if you still want to make use of this module in this case, you may ask feature request in the issue queue. Also, you are more than welcome to submit patches for such use cases!


This module has taken some great idea from Taxonomy_menu module and Drupal core taxonomy module.


  • New sites are suggested to download 7.x-1.0-beta1 release.
  • For language/i18N support, use dev version.

D8 version is coming soon!

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