This module is a replacement for the 'access rules' functionality which was removed from Drupal 7 [1].

The module implement an API and custom hooks that allow third-party modules to add additional restrictions, or implement new type of restrictions.

Version notes

  • There will be no releases for Drupal 5 or Drupal 6. If you're looking for this functionality in either of those versions, try admin/user/rules. You are most likely to need this module if upgrading from Drupal 6.x or earlier with existing access rules in place. A stripped down version of IP address blocking was left in core [2], so this module will focus on usernames and e-mail addresses. Third-party modules can implement additional restrictions using the API exposed by the module.
  • Updating from a different release of the development snapshot is not supported. To install a newer development snapshot, you always need to uninstall the previous version before copying the new one.
  • Development snapshots are intended for testing only. Don't use them in a production site, or for other purposes. If used in a production site, or for other purposes, there will be no support for any resulting problems.

[1] Issue:

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