Foundation's Yeti

Do you like grid systems? How about rapid prototyping? Do you believe in mobile first? Then this theme is for you! Foundation is made by ZURB. This theme implements the Foundation framework for Drupal.

From the Zurb Foundation homepage:

An easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device.

Mockups don't tell a story. Build a prototype in no time.

See Zurb Foundation in the wild.

Read the Zurb Foundation Docs

In order to use this theme effectively, it may help if you learn how to use Zurb Foundation's built in classes and components:

Foundation 4 Requirements

Foundation 5 Requirements

  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • jQuery Update running 1.10.
  • Foundation 1.0.3 gem or higher
  • Node.js & Grunt.js - for rapid development. You may still use app.css if you wish.

Support Modules

Foundation implements a handful of plugins to facilitate fancy UIs like Orbit slideshows, Section dropdowns for navigation or tabbed content, and responsive lightbox galleries.

Selecting a Zurb Foundation Version (4.x tested)

  • 8.x-4.x: Is the upcoming twig port of the 7.x-4.x Branch for Drupal 8. Currently in heavy development and the currently the least stable branch. Please hold off on filing bug issues.
  • 7.x-5.x: Utilizes Foundation 5. Currently in development.
  • 7.x-4.x: Utilizes Foundation 4. Currently, the latest stable version.
  • 7.x-3.x: Utilizes Foundation 3. Final stable release - no development is occurring in this branch.

Helpful issues

Known Issues

  • 4.x: The theme requires jQuery 1.7+ with jQuery Update.
  • 5.x: The theme requires jQuery 1.10+ with jQuery Update.

Using bundler for different gem versions

If you're using SASS this note is for you. If you're not you're all set the css is baked into the theme.

In order to manage using or testing different versions of Zurb Foundation 4 or 5, one should use bundler to compile your code. Read more on how to do this.

If you do not want to use Ruby/Compass, the 5.x branch introduces Grunt.js as a way to compile SCSS files automatically, among other things - only requirement is having NodeJS.

Seeking Support

  • Try IRC! There's an unofficial #zurb-foundation channel on freenode. Come idle! Not everyone here is part of the drupal community but will do their best to help you with your Zurb Foundation questions!
  • Zurb Foundation Google Group

Sponsorship & Support

Lots of work implementing Foundation into Drupal 7/8 branch was generously funded by Blue Tent Marketing, Chris Lee Consulting, and Inclind, Inc..

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