PHP Cron Notices being written to my Simplenews newsletters

I am having cron notices written to my Simplenews emails when they send with cron, not on test send. How can I remove these errors?

Please find an image on my Simplenews module issue - not sure if its a module issue though

Thank you!

PDOException - Type error - when creating a new menu, only happens on one environment?

I am on Drupal 7.22 on two different environments (dev and stage). They are the same in every way, hopefully. I am trying to create a new menu on stage, and the query is failing, but it's working on dev. Why would one environment be passing in the current path (very weird, and failing) and the other pass in a numeric id?

Here's the error in psql:

ERROR:  invalid input syntax for integer: "/structure/menu/manage/menu-eu-menu" at character 579

Here's the error in my Drupal log:

edit front page

The contents of my front page (home) disappeared along with the edit tab on that page. Recent Articles , menus etc are still there so the rest of the page seems OK. I can't recall doing anything unusual but it happened during editing of my site on my local computer. I have edit access to everything else.
What happened? How can I regain edit access?

"Page not Found" after seemingly successful manual Core Update

Hello all:

I've recently tried to get back into developing Drupal sites after a brief hiatus but I keep having the same issue with trying to manually update Drupal Core past the 7.22 that I was able to install automatically via my GoDaddy hosting.

Content Views + File Download Count

I have a content type with a page and a file attached to it and I want to count the views of the page which works fine with the default statistics module, but I want to count the download of the file also, so I installed the module and got it working, but now it overrides the page view counter and shows only the file downloads, but I want to count both, any hints where or how I have to set this up?

Module installation: domain access + internationalisation

Hi, i will pay a flat fee.
i bought this template:

i need the multi language feature to switch all the images and boxes seen in the home page to the chosen language
90% of the content will be the same among the different countries,
but i want to control the 10% difference
(terms & conditions, store link, payment process or options info, etc)
by using the domain access drupal module because...


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