Display created in View

Hi, I have a small problem that is really annoying.

I created my View programatically on stage with specific displays

I will pay someone to get masonry working on my website

My masonry is displaying in one column; I can't figure out how to get it to display correctly. Please send me an email if you'd be interested! :) Thank you.



Use Webform Token as Registration Form Default Value?

I'm making a site for a research study, and ideally I'd like for users to submit a consent form, which is a webform, and then that upon submission it takes them to the user registration page, and I want some of the fields there to be pre-populated with default values from the consent form webform submission. The only piece I can't figure out is getting the default values for user fields replaced with webform tokens.

I got the Field Default Token module which lets me set default fields using tokens, but webform tokens do not seem to be available.

Need some help with a View and Aggregation

Ok here's what I need my view to look like.


The bracketed numbers beside the Medical Condition is the number of Products that are referenced to each Medical Condition through the Product Review node.

Let me break down my content types and entity references

Product Review
Medical Condition

Drupal render form not rendering a form

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I have a cutom module which creates a page with a custom form. the problem is that i don't print whole form at once like :

$form = drupal_get_form('custom_example_form', $adverts);
print render($form);

Rather my code is like:

Using Entity forms. How do I redirect based on field content?

I am a newbie and this is probably easy to do so I am hoping someone can help me out.

I am building a site for a non-profit near me that has little cash. I am doing this for the experience and built 90% of the site already for a class project.


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